February 2020 Kura’s Monthly Discoveries

We invite you and your loved ones to join us during Kura’s Monthly Discoveries! Every month, we have a variety of new flavors and delicious items to try. All dishes are additive-free with the use of natural ingredients. Supplies are limited, so come before they run out!

This extra-thick Otoro is the most desired part of the tuna belly. It has a rich taste and texture that melts in your mouth like butter on a pan!

Chutoro is found between the Akami and Otoro parts of the Bluefin Tuna giving it a delightful meaty and medium-fat texture.

​This refreshing tuna is rich with color and plenty of umami.

Beautifully marbled ​Kumamoto Wagyu beef that fills your mouth with a soft, juicy and rich taste.

Using cuts from both Chutoro and Otoro creates a savory flavor that matches perfectly with the fragrance of onion and seaweed. 

A luxurious grilled toro cooked with a savory soy sauce-based steak sauce and garlic butter. Enjoy it with crispy garlic chips.

Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside - this deep fried mochi is served with vanilla ice cream, topped with sweet kinako powder and black honey.

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