Sushi Block #2 Bikkura Pon

Sushi Block #2 Is Back – Collect Them All!

Didn’t have a chance to collect all four of the Kura original Sushi Block #2? Fear not because we’re bringing them back into our stores sometime this month! Once stores run out of tokidoki Bikkura Pon, we will be filling up the machines with Salmon, Vegetable Handroll, Negitoro Gunkan, and Eel Sushi Blocks.

In each Bikkura Pon, you’ll find small lego-like pieces and instructions on how to assemble them to create delicious sushi. (But don’t eat it!)

Once you’ve built your Sushi Block, show it off online by tagging us and using our hashtag #kurasushiblock.

We recommend you to read the instructions carefully before use and retain it for future reference, but if you do happen to misplace the instructions, find the one you need down below!


Eel Sushi Block Instructions









Vegetable Handroll

Vegetable Handroll Sushi Block Instructions










Salmon Sushi Block Instructions








Negitoro Gunkan

Negitoro Gunkan Sushi Block Instructions

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