One Punch Man Bikkura Pon Prizes

One Punch Man x Kura Sushi Collaboration

We are thrilled to announce our first time ever “ONE PUNCH MAN x KURA SUSHI” Bikkura Pon Collaboration! Receive a lanyard, sticky note or keychain from our Bikkura Pon machine for every 15 sushi plates. We are also giving away One Punch Man travel cups for a limited time! Come back soon to learn more details about our travel cup giveaway! 


What is a Bikurra Pon?

Bikkura Pon is a capsule with a small prize inside. The small prizes are collaborations with popular brands and our Kura original manufactured features. Once you have inserted 15 green sushi plates into the plate disposal slot, you will receive a prize dropping from the Bikkura Pon dispenser! Note, these prizes are dispensed randomly and cannot be exchanged. Enjoy the fun!


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