November Japan Fair

November Selection!

Japan Fair is here once again and we’ve hand-selected and imported special items from different regions in Japan so you can try out international fare! From November 15 - 24, come out and enjoy these tasty items that are additive-free and made with natural ingredients. There is a limited stock while supplies last so we recommend to come in when the fair starts. We can’t wait for you to try them all, Happy Japan Fair!

Extremely juicy, grilled scallops paired with ourfamous soy-sauce based, Ishizawa dressing and sliced jalapeno.

This Toro is from the belly of the Bluefin Tuna. It has more fat content, so it will melt on your tongue just like 'butter on a pan'!

From Nagasaki, this Bluefin Tuna is known for its rich color and excellent fresh taste.

This is a summertime fish that tastes like a cross between mackereland amberjack. It is light, buttery and tender with a bit of fat and is a favorite amongst sushi experts.

After this beautifully marbledWagyu is seared, it's very difficult to make sure we don't eat it before it gets on the conveyor belt!

This crisp and refreshing yellowtail is topped with a soy ginger sauce.

Rich Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream served with sweet azuki bean, chewy mochi balls, and topped with Kuromitsu.

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