December – Kura’s Monthly Discoveries

You're invited to Kura's Monthly Discoveries! Bring your family and friends to discover the rich, refreshing, and flavorful must-have dishes. Every dish is additive-free and use natural delicious ingredients. Supplies are limited, so come by early before they run out! See you there!

Kura Sushi's Grilled Chicken with Herb Soy

Grilled Chicken with Herb Soy

Juicy grilled chicken cooked with a flavorful herb soy sauce.

Kura Sushi's Kuroshima Bluefin Tuna

Kuroshima Bluefin Tuna

This refreshing Bluefin Tuna is rich with color and has an excellent deep taste.

Kura Sushi's Red Snapper Yakishimo

Red Snapper Yakishimo

With the skin side torched, this Red Snapper's perfect texture and umami is enjoyed along with tangy grated yuzu on top.

Kura Sushi's Kuroshima Bluefin Toro

Kuroshima Bluefin Toro

The Bluefin Toro is so flavorful, it melts in your mouth as you take a bite.

Kura Sushi's Hokkaido Wagyu

Hokkaido Wagyu

Beautifully marbled Hokkaido Wagyu beef that fills your mouth with a soft, juicy rich taste.

Kura Sushi's Shrimp with Sesame Sauce

Shrimp with Sesame Sauce

Deliciously cooked shrimp topped with a special sesame dressing.

Kura Sushi's Black Sesame Ice Cream Monaka

Black Sesame Ice Cream Monaka

Black sesame ice cream and sweet red bean (azuki) sandwiched between two thin crisp mochi wafers. It's fun to eat and tastes even better!

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