April 2021 Kura’s Monthly Discoveries

Kura's Monthly Discoveries is back and available at all locations both in-store and online. Experience this month's naturally delicious, refreshing and flavorful must-have dishes beginning Friday, April 2nd, 2021 until Sunday, April 11th, 2021. Supplies are limited, so come before they're gone!

Bluefin Toro
This tender bluefin tuna belly will melt on your tongue with a rich and smooth texture.

Soy Marinated Red Snapper
Succulent red snapper from Kumamoto, Japan! Marinated with special soy-based sauce and topped with sesame seed & seasonings of ginger and green onions.

hokkaido Wagyu
Beautifully marbled A5 Japanese wagyu beef from Hokkaido, Japan! Fills your mouth with a soft, juicy rich taste.

Red Snapper Cali Roll
The balance of red snapper topping and shrimp mayo & avocado filling provides a refreshing after-taste.

Sakura Ice Cream
Sweet & savory cherry blossoms from Japan mixed with rich vanilla ice cream. A seasonal dessert with kinako (bean powder) and kuromitsu (dark honey) on the side!

Negitoro Maki
Tender bluefin tuna belly mixed with green onions, enveloped by sushi rice and seaweed.

hokkaido Wagyu Gunkan
Juicy and soft A5 Hokkaido Wagyu topped with savory eel sauce & crunchy tempura crumbs - this is the ultimate gunkan!


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