05.2021 Children’s Day Blog

Kodomo No Hi (Children's Day) is an annual holiday in Japan that's celebrated on May 5th. This day is meant to respect every child's personality and celebrate their happiness. In Japan, children are encouraged to run outside and fly their koinobori (carp-shaped) flags and kites.

How to Celebrate Kodomo No Hi

  • Koi Fish streamers are placed outside of public buildings and houses to bring good fortune to children.
  • Kabuto Samurai Helmets and Samurai Dolls are created in origami form to symbolize courage and strength from the folklore characters, Kintaro and Momotaro.
  • Kashiwa Mochi and Rice Cakes filled with bean paste, are holiday traditional dishes.
  • Iris Flowers bloom in May and are used as a decor around the house to protect homes from evil.
Happy Children's Day

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Kura Sushi USA is a respectful family friendly restaurant and we want to take today to celebrate the holiday that recognizes the joyfulness of children. Check out this article, as we were recently reviewed as a family dinner pick by TheDCMoms.com!

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